+ Added feature
> Changed/Improved
! Defect fix
- Removed

2024-06-25 – HP Embedded Agent [] C365-24F

ID Added Feature
- Added support for the Baltech Micro Card Reader.
ID Defect Fix
31068 Resolved condition to update Printer IP if changed after Printer reboot.
31139 Resolved condition for that prompted users for enrollment when the card ID Code was too big.
30679 Resolved condition to print when user has large number of jobs (+70).

2024-06-25 – HP Embedded Agent [] C365-24E.b

ID Defect Fix
30933 Resolved condition which prevents Print Job Tracking Data for HP HF SFP Devices.
31055 Resolved condition with ID to Print all on SFP and MFP Devices.

HP Printer Agent 2024-06-20 [] 24E.a

! [30679] Improved Job Printing performance in case of large no. of jobs printed together.

HP Printer Agent 2024-06-05 [] 24E

No Change.

HP Printer Agent 2024-04-16 [] 24D

+ [30414] Improved HP Device Logs Management that deletes logs once they are deactivated.
+ [30151/30152] Implemented Auto User ID Code Generation so Badges can be enrolled with ID Code instead of Entra ID Username and Password.
+ [30141/30209/29991] Introduced stapling support for Universal Print printing on HP printers

HP Printer Agent 2024-02-06 [] 24C


HP Printer Agent 2024-02-06 [] 24B


HP Printer Agent 2024-01-10 [] 24A

! [29935/29893] Removed Users from Dynamic Cache if User Is unenrolled on any device.
! [25952] The ‘Enroll Me’ icon is now available when the printer is synced with ID Code profile.

HP Printer Agent 2023-12-05 []

+ [29592/29700/29784] Added Custom Authentication on HP FutureSmart Devices.

> [27998] Added print job deletion enhancements with Gateway API v2.

! [29747] Resolved condition for users that have reserved characters in their credentials.

HP Printer Agent 2023-10-03 []

+ [25463] Support on WA/ABA for HP Modern Sync with new .mh name schema
+ [28721] Resolved condition to change the My Print Job UI button text/order as per user.
+ [27237] Support for User Enrollment process.

> [25468] Optimized Printer sync process.
> [28982] Improved Badge Reader Authentication process.
> [28962] Optimized Job List process on HP Devices.
> [29105] Improve connectivity to Celiveo365 APIs

! [28973] Resolved condition which prints only 1 copy even if no. of copies selected as 2 in MUP.
! [29009] Resolved condition to display “No Pending Job” if there is no job available.
! [29021] Optimized Upgrade Embedded Solution process.

Last modified: 17 July 2024


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