+ Added feature
> Changed/Improved
! Defect fix
- Removed

My Celiveo 2024-05-30 [] – 24F

ID Changed/Improved
28992 Improved Print Job Tracking Information from MyCeliveo
30929 Enabled Redirection from the Main URL (my.celiveo365.com) to the Regional URL (my.eu.celiveo.com).
ID Defect Fix
29789/30887 Resolved condition which shows Mono Jobs as Color given through Print Web Portal
30850 Resolved condition where IPP Printing works fine even with Invalid Credentials, and MyCeliveo is not enabled in Web Admin.

My Celiveo 2024-05-30 [] – 24E

+ [30585] Improved communication API with additional metadata.

> [27281/27819/27993/29270] Optimized Print Job Tracking Details.

! [29094] Localization implemented for MyCeliveo Printer Module.
! [30705] Resolved condition that prevented IPP job printing.

My Celiveo 2024-04-17 [] – 24D

> [30354] UPE improved the installation process with restricted permissions

My Celiveo 2024-02-06 [] – 24C

+ [30089] Print-Web, Print Mobile, and My Celiveo User Access Control via AAD Groups.

My Celiveo 2024-02-06 [] – 24B

> [27342/26865/27821] Improved MyCeliveo Print Job Tracking.

! [29352] Resolved condition to print the job through MyCeliveo on RICOH and Lexmark Devices.

My Celiveo 2024-01-10 [] – 24A

+ [29620] UPE now updates IP address and Hostname in WA

> [29436/29459] Improved Pending Job List UI & Performance.
> [29993] Enhanced UPE installation error messages.

! [29678] Reporting appropriate error message when there is a wrong username/password while printing through IPP.
! [29827] Resolved condition to display the correct information in Jobname on Tracking when the first character is in Thai Language.

My Celiveo 2023-12-05 [] – 23C

+ [28038] Support for Canon devices.
+ [27110] Support for Printer status on printer map.
+ [26749] Added warning message if IPPS credential is different between printer and what is configured in WA.

> [29693] Enhanced warning messages to include printer IP Address.

! [29650] Resolved condition that didn’t show correct warning message after refresh on print job list page.
! [29651] Resolved condition that caused last used printer in favorite printer list to not be the preferred one (first on the list).
! [29668] Resolved condition that caused the favorite printer list to be empty after printing the last print job in the list.
! [29439] Resolved condition in Firefox that lead to Copy count increase UI component to not display properly
! [29823/29431] User interface enhancements on printer list and QRcode alignment.

My Celiveo 2023-11-08 [] – 23B

+ [29093] My Celiveo tooltip help available in English. (Localization coming in next versions).

> [29234] Improved Printer Status Icon UI.
> [28253/29618/29638/29639] Improved the IPP Status.
> [27344/29438/29522/29541] Improved the display of printer in maps.
> [29407/29433/29442] Improved Print Job and Icons UI.
> [29519/29525/29526] Improved overall UI printer management.

! [26749] Added more information on warning message if IPPS credentials do not match (Further improvements coming in next version).
! [27110] Added Printer status on the map.
! [29402] Resolved condition to have UserName in the Downloaded QR code.
! [29548] Resolved condition to display print jobs in case of Email and UPN are different.

My Celiveo 2023-10-03 [] – 23A

+ [28253] Implemented Manage Printer IPP Status.
+ [28903] Removed UPE Logs from Even Logs system.
+ [29058] Implemented Icons to provide information about “Duplex/Simplex” and “Color/BW”.
+ [29061] Implemented Redirection to Print-web from My Celiveo when there are no pending jobs.
+ [29090] Resolved condition to display UPE Name instead of the description on MUP.
+ [29170] Display the default printer options on the Printer list and Printer option page.

> [29190/29254/29358/29269] Improved Printer List UI and it’s operations.
> [26236/29264] Improved performance to Add UPE and display printer setting page.
> [26672/28360/28993/28996] Improved performance of UPE Desktop Application.
> [28385] Implemented New Virtual Printer Logo.
> [27369] Improved Job List UI for Xerox Printer Browser.
> [26752] Optimized Job List process for mobile app.
> /29266/29351] Optimized Printer Management option.

! [26231] Resolved condition that displays Microsoft Sign-in page as blank during UPE installation.
! [28693] Resolved condition that does not track the Job blob download if it fails.
! [28994] Resolved condition which allows printing even when the credentials are not added in EWS and WA.
! [29063] Resolved condition that prints B/W Job in Color mode.
! [29250] Resolved condition to hide Printer Status and Refresh so that the user can click on the Printer button.
! [29252] Resolved condition that prevented the Printer Technician from installing UPE.

Last modified: 17 July 2024


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