Releasing print jobs on legacy printers

Celiveo 365 allows to release print jobs on network printers that don’t support the Celiveo 365 embedded agent, when they fully support the IPP 2.0 protocol and with a Celiveo UPE IoT service available on the network (read below). 99% of network office printers and MFP sold today are IPP 2.0 compliant.

Users simply need a smartphone with NFC read capability, connected to their corporate Entra-ID. There is no app to install on the phone (this is perfect for BYOD).

  • Users print their documents using the Universal Print queue, the Celiveo Virtual Printer for Win 10/11 or MacOS, the Celiveo Web print portal, the Celiveo Mobile Web-App or the Celiveo embedded app for Android or iOS.
  • when they need to print, they simply reach the closest printer, put their phone on top a NFC tag + label positioned on the printer.
  • If the user phone is not yet connected to the corporate Entra-ID, the user has to authenticate, possibly with MFA if activated
  • The user pending print jobs list appears instantly on the smartphone, the user can select print jobs to print or delete
  • The user press the print button, the printer he faces appears as the default print device, options such as multi copy, duplex and force B&W can be set
  • The print jobs are released

This works with any printer or copier compatible with the standard IPP 2.0 protocol (98% of printers sold today).

Celiveo 365 cloud mobile print release

The Celiveo UPE, universal Printer Endpoint service

Network printers that don’t support the Celiveo 365 embedded agent can still be used for print jobs release, if they fully support the IPP 2.0 protocol.
That high-security service is provided through the installation of a Windows service on the network, that uses the Microsoft Azure IoT service.
That’s the Celiveo 365 UPE, Universal Printer Endpoint service, it can be installed in a Windows VM, and can handle up to 500 simultaneous print requests.

To learn how to generate and install a UPE instance click here.

When an encrypted print job needs to be pulled from the Cloud, decrypted and pushed to a printer, Azure communicates an IoT instruction to the UPE the closest to the printer.

Multiple UPE can be deployed in your company, each printer must be reachable on the network by at least one UPE.

  • Each UPE uses the 5 tags to define its printer access scope, those are defined in the WebAdmin portal, virtual printer creation and management
  • Each printer can have up to 5 tags defined, those are defined in the WebAdmin portal, physical printer add and manage

Celiveo-365 Universal Printer endpoint

UPE deployment example:

You have multiple sites in the US (Texas, California), Canada (Quebec, Ontario), Europe (Germany, UK), Asia (Singapore, Japan).
There are various options to deploy the UPE:

  • One single UPE instance with all tags set to the * wildcard value, if all printers are reachable from the network where the UPE service is installed
    Pros: simple and just one UPE to deploy
    Cons: all printers need to be reachable from the network where UPE is installed
  • One UPE per continent
    Pros: simple and just one UPE to deploy per continent
    Cons: all region printers need to be reachable from the regional networks where UPE are installed some countries may need some higher bandwidth in a continent
  • One UPE per country
    Pros: Allows to support local bandwidth need and isolated networks
    Cons: One UPE to install per isolated network
  • Two or more UPE per country or continent with very high number of printers
    Pros: Provides load balancing and failover service

Zero-Trust-Access security

Each UPE instance uses an ECC-P256 certificate chain identifying the subscription and the IoT endpoint to connect to the Cloud and establish the TLS communication.
It means there is no credentials that could become compromised, there is no endpoint that could be hacked with brute force attacks.

Releasing print jobs using My Celiveo web app

Users can connect to to release print jobs.
User authentication is performed using Entra ID, with MFA if this has been activated by your IT administrators.

Information on My Celiveo web app is available here.

The Celiveo UPE and print tracking

The Celiveo UPE provides tracking service, it reports the user UPN, the print job name, the printer information and number of pages produced.

Last modified: 16 July 2024


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