ID Changes / Improved
ID Added Features
ID Defect Fix
ID Removed

2024-07-15 – Web Admin [] C365-24F

ID Changes / Improved
31151/31153 Updated Web-Admin Documentation.
ID Added Features
30829 User can now Import the Printer List in CSV format in Web Admin.
31158 Implemented “Imported Printer Ready for synchronization” after imported via CSV.
ID Defect Fix
26233 Resolved condition which prevented restore of deleted MUP and UPE from Printer Recycle Bin folder.
28120 Resolved condition which prevented MUP Job printing if tags are enabled for the printer.
31055 Resolved condition which prevented job printing when Authentication method set with Badge Authentication + ID to Print.
31113 Resolved condition where Solution upgrade get fail due to IP change while printer reboots during the process.

2024-06-28 – CeliveoAPI C365-24E.a

ID Defect Fix
31076 Resolved condition in Microsoft Universal Print queues with stappling and collated copies that would generate a print to be stapled.

2024-06-05 – Web Admin [] C365-24E

ID Added Features
30092 Implemented Microsoft Sign In Page instead of directly redirecting users to login with Microsoft.
30467 User can now Export the Printer List in CSV format.
30697/30698 Implemented Shared User Access V/S Single User Access in ABA and ABA API’s.
30960 Implemented HttpProxy Configuration on ABA API and Client.
ID Changes / Improved
30606 Renamed Azure AD to Entra ID in the Authentication Method
30632 Added HTTP Web Proxy on Printer Settings
ID Defect Fix
30633 Resolved condition to show the correct Tags on “Tags & Maps” view for the printers added by sub-admin.
30686 Resolved condition to display Sync Status as “Invalid Credentials” instead of Sync Failed when Sync request made through wrong User Name.
30702 Resolved condition to display the “Tags” tab while creating UPE.
30719 Resolved condition that prompts an error while adding a printer.
30768 Resolved condition where the user cannot remove the printer when using a shared ABA.

Web Admin 2024-04-16 [] 24D

> [30575] ABA Improved save settings management on disk with ACLs.
> [30381] Added Masking of Tracking Data (hashing of username or username + job) on Web Admin UI
> [30353] Enhanced management/hardening of ABA installation directory.

+ [30376] MAC CVP C365 is available to download from Web Admin.

! [30150] Resolved condition to enable “Sync and Access & Rules icons” for My Celiveo Enabled Printers Only.
! [30613] HOTFIX – Fixed Paper Size parameters in the Microsoft Universal Print properties. Note: Requires MUP resync from Web Admin and remove/add new print queue in macOS devices.

Web Admin 2024-03-05 [] 24C

! [25951] Web Admin will display UPE IP & Hostname in Printer List as Celiveo Hostname and Celiveo IP.

Web Admin 2024-02-06 [] 24B

+ [29320] Active User Count is now displayed on the License Dashboard.

> [24936] Implemented Auto-Update feature for ABA.

! [29125] ABA is now able to identify Konica-Minolta printers properly.

Web Admin 2024-01-09 [] 24A

> [29845] Improved the usability of Customer Access Control XML.
> [29870] Improved Job Encryption implementation.
> [27530] Improved Device Logs [C365]

Web Admin 2023-12-05 [] 23C

+ [29592/29700/29784] Added Custom Authentication for HP Devices.

! [25057] Resolved condition in ABA User Interface that shows two scrollbars.

Web Admin 2023-11-08 [] 23B

> [28256] Web Admin – UI Updates

! [28697] Resolved condition where ‘Printer type’ column was not visible in the Printer List View.
! [29346] Resolved condition to discover Canon printers through ABA.
! [29598] Resolved condition to Import Printer list with Hostname.

Web Admin 2023-10-03 [] 23C

+ [28904] Resolved condition to remove Event Logging via ABA C365: ABA – Remove Event Log logging

> [29179] Improved Logging performance of Web App/Web API.
> [27343] Improved Jobs Deletion process.
> [28662] Improved ABA Printer Discovery in case of IP does not contain printer.
> [29348] Optimized Printer Language change process.

! [28659] Resolved condition to display the entered IPP Username and Password in ABA after saving.
! [28725] Resolved condition to track the IPP Job when applying discount cost profile.
! [28989] Resolved condition WA C365 – Import of printer shows old printers from another session too
! [29007] Resolved condition that does not save printer description details.
! [29044] Resolved condition to open Edit Printer Configuration pop-up.
! [29225] Resolved condition that prevented restoring of the deleted printer.
! [29257] Resolved condition that displays only allows Fujifilm MFP devices to use ID to print authentication.
! [29171] Resolved condition that prevents the user from removing the Xerox printer from Web Admin.

Last modified: 17 July 2024


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